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MEET GOT7 | (insp.)

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Selca Photoset: Park Jinyoung(・∀・)

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Guys, this is something that needs to be stopped. It’s not funny, it’s annoying, and it’s pretty much harassing someone without even knowing it. I know some of you might send tweets to Mark’s dad thinking “oh he gets so many tweets a day he won’t see this” but trust me, he does. By now we all know he goes through every tweet he receives ; but is selective with his replies.

Marks dad created a twitter account to communicate with Got7 fans, and to joke around with us here and there. He did not create it to receive inappropriate tweets like this. Think before you tweet, because tweets like these makes Mark’s dad feel uncomfortable and it embarrasses Mark and yourself.

This goes for everyone who tweets Mark’s dad, DO NOT send him inappropriate tweets or photos, DO NOT send rude tweets and do not try to dig deep into Mark’s family’s personal life. Every one needs their privacy. Think before you tweet guys, because Papa Tuan’s goodbye tweet wasn’t as sweet as it usually was.

Once again, I’m bringing this issue back because Mark’s dad has once again expressed his disappointment towards rude tweets such as these. Guys, think before tweeting, it’s simple. Sending inappropriate tweets like these to Mark’s dad will do you no good, it will only be looked down upon by other people, and you’re not only embarrassing yourself by trying to be “funny”, but you’re embarrassing Mark as well. So PLEASE, think before tweeting, inappropriate tweets like these are disrespectful and should not be tolerated, especially if they’re towards Mark’s dad— an elder, and someone who is well respected for supporting Mark to become who he is today. 


jackson answering interview questions

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8 types of Mark Tuan. Which one is your favorite?
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