the only word in markjin’s dictionary: kiss

JB’s message for Jackson 

To me he will always be my best friend. Forever best friend, B to the AM, BamBam. We have known each other for more than 4 years. At first we always argued and I disliked you. And we don’t understand each other. As time goes by, we became friends who can talk about anything. We prepared for a lot of showcases together too. We are always together. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to have a good friend like you. Thank you. Let’s continue to be good friends. +

Pls control your face (●◡ o ●)

poor Suzy (×_×;) 

Team members, even though I’m inadequate in many areas, I’m thankful for your trust and for following me. Though individuality is important, but for the team, I hope we will become an outstanding GOT7. The hardship & exhaustion we experience now is for more things to happen in the future. Hence we will give stress to each other; this is for GOT7 too. Enduring it for GOT7, and concentrating on working harder; I hope we will become this kind of GOT7. Let’s work harder to become outstanding GOT7. I love you all." - JB (x)


compilation of giant baby maknae yugyeom laughing throughout real got7

inspired by this post

@bambam1a: I know it’s too late BUT!! Thank You So Much For 400k!!💋 Love you guys so much!! Now and Forever❤️ #Giraffe #기린

Jr. letter to JB  ♥
jackbum eating each other’s faces 
Mark’s heartfelt message for Jr
got7 measuring their chests (not actually bambam’s chest lmao) + unsatisfied jackson after knowing the results