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jackson takes care of jinyoung (✿ ♥‿♥) (x)

around the world - dance practice


spinning, spinning, weeeeeee!!
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bambam on real 2pm

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got7 won the synnara rookie of the year award

Leader making sure everyone goes before him

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youngjae’s 3-step plan to destroy jr


step 1: block jr’s posing ass. you’re the real celeb here


step 2: photobomb/actively mock jr


step 3: that fansite is yours now bitch


mission complete. see ya jr, a new star has risen.

(all images cr peterpan syndrome, my fave new youngjae fansite)

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peterpan syndrome

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boys, boys, boys; they love their food.
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Jackson’s long journey wait to sunny’s part

dammit jackson

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In just 9 months…

youngjae + glasses 

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Attention all I GOT7s! We have to reach at least 10 million views on GOT7 music videos BEFORE November. This is when the end of year awards start to choose the winners for each category. To help GOT7, please watch Girls Girls Girls MV and “A” MV on JYPE’s official YouTube channel to…

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